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The instructions say to allow the clear coat 12 hours to dry before putting on hardware and attaching back on frame and 24 hours before full function of the kitchen.We didn’t have a problem with this since we were working on it at night and the cabinets had until the next day after work to dry.You can see where I did this on the drawers along the window side.Using the supplied cloths, wipe away as much glaze as you like to create the look you want.

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I laid the doors out in the garage and kept the drawers inside.We used a Chocolate Cabinet Transformation Kit from Rustoleum.The kit allows you to paint your cabinets without sanding. It’s the same one we used to transform the master bathroom cabinets as well.I wanted the cabinets darker so I left more glaze on and the wood tone looks deeper.Allow the glaze to dry 12 hours before applying the final clear coat.

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